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The Trusted Welding Equipment Suppliers in South Africa.

Established five years ago, Weldmart (Pty) Ltd.’s meteoric rise to become one of the leading welding equipment suppliers in South Africa is nothing short of phenomenal.

A natural extension of this acute growth trajectory is the deployment of its merchandise range to the internet. Introducing Weldmart: South Africa’s online welding equipment and supply store.

With a brick-&-mortar Depot in Krugersdorp, on Johannesburg’s West Rand and close to national highways and freight airports, Weldmart is well-placed to ship welding equipment, parts, consumables and accessories the length and breadth of the southern African region.One of our divisions cater to end-users. Welders and fabrication end-users can simply browse through all the items available on our shop floor. These include: gas welding machines & cutting equipment as well as wire and brazing rod consumables.

In addition, a complete range of safety items and personal protection equipment is available very soon. Artisans find MIG Welders for sale and Weldmart are key plasma cutter suppliers.Our other division is established as welding equipment suppliers to re-sellers and distributors. In support of this, Weldmart has intermediate plans to set down operations in physical locations in all major urban areas in Gauteng, Free State, North West Province and Limpopo.

These enable Weldmart’s online customers to access their purchases much quicker and technical support, guidance, servicing and consumables supply becomes even more accessible.In support of this, Weldmart makes product stands and racking available for installation in retail stores, for ease of access and prominent visibility. These racks are supplied fully-stocked with a re-ordering system in place to maintain acceptable stock levels.


Weldmart remains the suppliers of equipment made by welders – for welders.


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